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Quick Guide: Teacher Behavior Referrals

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Last updated: 19 Mar, 2019
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Teacher Behavior Referrals

Teachers can enter behavior referrals for students in two ways. The first way is a direct link from the Gradebook/Rankbook. This limits teachers to entering behavior referrals for only students assigned to their classes. The second way is through iTeacher Enter Behavior Referrals where teachers can enter Behavior Referrals for any student enrolled in the school.

The attached Quick Guide: Teacher Behavior Referrals outlines the steps to enter Behavior Referrals and to lookup student discipline history.

** Refer to the attached document: Quick Guide: Teacher Behavior Referrals. **

(Quick Guide updated March 2019 to include enhancements released March 12, 2019 in v. 7.0.20190312_sync.)

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