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Hiding SIF FY and Semester Terms

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Last updated: 18 Mar, 2015
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Hiding SIF “FY” and “Semester” Terms

Q.   Can I hide the additional terms I added for SIF state reporting so users only see the real school terms?

A.    The October 1st SCS Report SIF data transmission required additional terms be added to the Academic Year Settings screen (ie. FY, S1, S2). We have found that these extra terms have affected some routine functions in iPass. Now that SIF reporting is behind us until the end of the school year, we are recommending you “hide” these extra terms. 

To Hide Additional SIF Terms:

  1. Go to < Scheduling System > < Maintenance - Scheduling > < Academic Year Settings >
  2. Change the Order for all the "fake" terms to a value other than zero (0)
  3. Make sure there is a Start Date and End Date entered
  5. Blank-out the dates
  6. Then use the Ctrl-click to de-select the fake terms in the Terms box.
  8. Repeat for each school
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