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How can I tell which students are being reported to the DOE for my SIF SIMS transmission and see what the 52 element codes the DOE has on record for them?

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Last updated: 18 Feb, 2016
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Log into the DOE Security Portal to view the SIMS Transmission file.

  • Log into the MassEDU Gateway Security Portal
  • Click on Application List
  • Select SIMS Data Transmission
  • In the District box, select District and click next

  • Click Download Student Data

  • Option to Open (csv) file in Excel or Save File
  • SIMS data on record with the DOE is now available for you to review and compare to the data in iPASS. iPASS data can be found by running the Export 52 Elements Legacy file. To run this file go to DOE ID Manager > Import/Export > Export 52 Elements. Be sure to set the Date = Report Date (ie. 03/01/2016 for March 1 SIMS).
Also listed in
folder SIF -> FAQ
folder DOE ID Manager -> Help -> SIMS (MA)

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