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document Camera Setup for iPass
Camera Setup for iPass
24 Feb, 2012
document End of Year Procedures - Quick Guide
Outline of the 3 Phases: Preparing for the New Year (Phase I), Ending the Current School Year (Phase II), and Staring a New School Year (Phase...
09 Jun, 2015
document End of Year Procedures Help Document
End of Year Procedures Help Document
23 Oct, 2012
document How do I graduate my seniors?
Graduate Your High School Seniors – Grade 12 – YOG 2015: Refer to the checklist of recommended items to complete before graduating your...
13 May, 2016
document What do I need to have set up in iPass prior to opening school for the first time?
New School Districts Set up Checklist Attached.
06 Aug, 2012