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After I change the Academic School Year to the new school year (System Configuration > Parameters), is there anything I need to roll over?

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Last updated: 20 Aug, 2015
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Yes. You need to roll over your Activities, Attendance, and Grades.

It is recommended to go ahead and roll these over at each school:

  • Rollover Activities – Copies your Activities and Personnel assigned to those activities to the next year.
  • Rollover Attendance – Copies over your Attendance Configuration data to the next year. Your School Attendance Parameters are not Academic Year specific and do not need to be rolled over.
  • Rollover Grades – Copes your Grade Maintenance (1-100, A’s, B’s, C’s, etc.), Scale Codes (GPA) and Grade Scales (GPA) tables to the next year. NOTE: Competencies are not Academic year specific and do not need a roll over procedure.

NOTE: Do NOT Rollover Courses if you have already rolled them over to do scheduling.

For all screens: Go to Administration > End of Year Procedures; Set Source Academic Year = Previous School Year; Destination Academic Year = New School Year; and Set Override if Exists = Yes.

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