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Quick Guide: Grade Transfer During Schedule Changes

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Last updated: 13 Sep, 2017
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Grade Transfer During Schedule Changes

iPass has a new feature to make schedule changes and transfer of grades from one section of a course to another in one easy step.

An update to the Modify Schedules screen now gives the user the option to drop one or more course sections for a student, schedule the student into other sections of the same (or similar) courses, and transfer any existing Term grades from the original sections into the new sections. This procedure is designed to complete these actions in one step.

Access to this new option is based on the addition of a new Extra Security Option on the Manage Users screen.  Only staff members who have this Extra Security Option will be able to use this feature.  Go to Security System > Manage Users > Select the user who will have access to this option, and make sure the “Can enter grades for closed terms & can transfer grades” is checked off.

** Refer to the Quick Guide attached below for directions on how to use Transfer Grades when dropping/adding course sections. **

IMPORTANT NOTE: This option has to be completed in one step.

The Transfer Grade must be done at the same time a course section is dropped and a new course section is added. Once a course section has been dropped, this feature cannot be used. The course section would have to be Restored using Drop/Restore in order to Drop, Add, and Transfer Grade in one step. 

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