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Quick Guide - Additions to Course Recommendations Functionality (February 2016)

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Last updated: 22 Feb, 2016
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Sync Version Only.

After the January 2016 release of the enhancements to the Online Course Recommendation functions, a couple of additional improvements and changes were requested from school districts. The February 2016 release includes the following enhancements and changes.

Enhancements & Changes to Online Course Recommendations Functionality

  • A new field label “Show Recommendation” has been added to the course record. This will allow you to control which courses are available for parents and students to select from the Course Catalog. In order for a course to appear in the departmental search (non-elective) the “Show Recommendation” must be set to YES. In order for a course to appear in an elective search both the “Show Recommendation” field AND the “Available as Elective” field must be set to YES.

Helpful Hint! Use the Course Catalog > Course Details > Field to Update “Show Recommendation” to update the courses. Remember to update each screen and Submit prior to moving to Next screen. This must be done for each school that uses Online Course Recommendations.

  • A new checkbox field labeled “Show All Alternates” has been added to the Student Requests screen. Selecting this checkbox will cause all alternates for all primary recommendations to display on the screen at the same time. Each school can set the default value for the “Show All Alternates” check box on the Recommendation Configuration screen. Set “Display All Alternates on Counselor Request Screen” to YES to display all alternates by default. Set to NO and alternates will NOT display unless the counselor checks off the box on the Request screen.

NOTE: If the check box is not visible on the Requests screen, submit the Recommendation Configuration screen, whether you have made changes or not, and the check box will be added to the screen. Repeat for each school.

  • A change has been made to allow a course to exist only once as an alternate for a primary recommendation. Previously the same course could be assigned as an alternate recommendation to multiple primary recommendations on the RECOMMENDATION screen. The REQUESTS screen does not allow this type of duplication. So that there is no interference with how the Request screen handles alternates and how the Scheduler handles alternates, the Recommendation screen will now not allow the same course to be added as an alternate to multiple primary recommendations.
  • Teachers can view and delete any recommendation they have entered no matter the department.
  • Teachers can view all recommendations entered by other users (teachers, parents, student and counselor) as long as the department of the recommendation matches the department of their current course.
  • Teacher Recommendation entry page (Print Course List) will allow course recommendations only for those students with a Next Year School populated. If a student does not have a Next Year School they will appear on the list but will not have a text boxes to enter recommendations.

** See attached document for more information.

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