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document How do I keep a non-graded courses from printing on the Report Card?
Set “Include Courses with No Term Grade” = No. The Sync sites now have a new setting in the Report Card report to include or not include...
14 Nov, 2017
document I rolled my Course Catalog over before the application enhancement released on April 21 (7.0.20160421_sync) that now rolls over all course information, how do I get the blank/missing course detail and course section data rolled over to next year?
Massachusetts Sync version: Enhancement April 2016 (7.0.20160421_sync) The End of Year Procedure > Rollover Courses can be run again with...
28 Apr, 2016
document Our district has been updated to the new sync release; why is the Attendance Summary and Attendance Tally Report showing Total Absences equal to zero?
The new sync release requires you to define your Daily Absent codes as Full Day or Half Day. The Attendance Configuration has to be updated to...
16 Oct, 2015
document Sync Release: How do I set the Recommendation Configuration to allow Parents and/or Students to enter course recommendations for Elective courses?
You need to set several parameters for entering Recommendations for Electives and set up your Elective courses in the Course Catalog. 1. You...
31 Jan, 2016
document Sync Release: What are the recommended settings for the new Recommendation Configuration Approval options?
Additional approval settings were added to give schools more control in the course recommendation process. Automatically turn all...
31 Jan, 2016