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Sync Release: What are the recommended settings for the new Recommendation Configuration Approval options?

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Last updated: 31 Jan, 2016
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Additional approval settings were added to give schools more control in the course recommendation process.

Automatically turn all recommendations into course requests: This parameter was previously labeled “Default Unapproved Recommendations to Approved”.

  • This is set to “Yes” when you do not require counselors to approve Recommendations. Therefore any Recommendation entered by any user will automatically be considered a valid Course Request that will be honored by the Student Scheduler.
  • When set to “No” the teacher/parent/student/counselor are involved in the approval process. Use additional settings below to refine the process.

Default Unapproved Parents/Students/Teachers recommendations to Approved:

  • When set to “Yes”, when a parent or student or teacher creates a new Recommendation it will automatically be marked as “Approved” (signed-off) by that user.
  • When set to “No” the user would need to check the “Approved” checkbox in a separate step.

Recommend setting this to “Yes.” When this is set to “No” it will require parents and student to ALSO click the “Approved” checkbox for a Recommendation that they have entered. If the teacher/parent/student enters a Recommendation and does NOT check the Approved box before submitting the screen then the Recommendation will be not be added.  The teacher/parent/student has the option to check off any Recommendation added by others as well as delete any Recommendation they have added.

Default Unapproved Counselor entered recommendations to Approved:

  • When set to “Yes” any Recommendation created by the counselor will automatically be marked as Approved and will automatically become a Course Request.
  • If set to “No” the counselor would need to check the Approved box in a separate step.

Recommend setting this to “Yes.” The counselor has the option to delete any Recommendation they have added and the Course Request will be deleted as well.

Parents/Students/Teachers can enter alternates for approved recommendations:

  • If set to “Yes” then parents and students and teachers can enter alternate courses even if the main Recommendations has already been approved by the counselor and Course Requests have been generated.

This setting depends on your scheduling process. This would be set to “No” if you want to limit the teacher/parent/student to enter Alternate courses at the same time as the main course Recommendation. It would be set to “Yes” if you want to allow Alternate courses to be selected AFTER the main Recommendations have been approved.

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