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What are the recommended settings to use when rolling over the Course Catalog for the next school year?

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Last updated: 15 Jan, 2019
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When rolling over the course catalog it is recommended that you set BOTH Roll Schedule = YES and Roll MSB Teacher/Room = YES. 

Even if you do not use the Master Schedule Builder (MSB) to schedule your students, rolling the course catalog this way will allow you to save a Master Schedule version in the next year with all the Term, Period, Teacher, and Room information from the current year.  After you save this version you can then choose to “clear” some or all the Master Schedule to remove schedule details and save this additional un-scheduled version.  Doing it this way will give you 2 Master Schedule back-up options: one with and one without the current year schedule detail.

Once scheduling has begun and online course recommendations have been completed you do not want to roll the course catalog over again. Each year when you roll the course catalog the courses get new course sequence numbers. Course Recommendations and Requests reference these sequence numbers. If the Course Catalog were to be rolled over again, some courses could end up with different sequence numbers. If you find you need to roll your course catalog again and you have already begun the Recommendations and Requests process, please contact the Support Team for assistance.

*** REMINDER ***

When working in the Schedule System be sure to select the 2019-2020 (Next) School year

Rolling the Course Catalog over to the new school year:

< Administration > < End of Year Procedures > < Course Rollover >

Source Academic Year = 2018-2019 (current school year)

Destination Academic Year = 2019-2020 (next school year)

Set Roll Schedule = Yes (rolls over all current year course details and sections, including Term, Period, Teacher and Room).

Set Roll MSB Teacher/Room = Yes (rolls over MSB Teachers/Room table where Teachers and Rooms are defined for use with the MSB) Even if you don’t use the MSB to schedule students, it is recommended to roll the course catalog over with this set to Yes.

Override if Exists = No (first time you rollover the course catalog you don't need to override - override should only be used if you need to rollover again and you have NOT done any major work on your scheduling or done online course recommendations).

Saving versions of the Master Schedule:

< Master Schedule Builder > < MSB Options >

< Save Current Master Schedule >  

Once the course catalog is rolled over as outlined above, with the current year detail, SAVE the Master Schedule for possible use in 2019-2020.  This schedule will contain all of the current year schedule details (terms, periods, teachers, rooms).  Save/Name the schedule “Master Schedule with 2018-2019 Schedule Detail.”

< Clear Current Master Schedule >  

Option 1: Clear the schedule details (terms, periods, teachers, rooms) from ALL courses – This will give you the option to clear the 2018-2019 course details from ALL courses in the 2019-2020 Course Catalog.  SAVE/Name the version with “Master Schedule with No Schedule Detail.”

Option 2: Clear schedule details (terms, periods, teachers, rooms) from select courses only.   < Scheduling System > < Master Schedule Builder >  

On the Interactive Master Schedule Builder screen you can select specific courses to “Unschedule.”  This will remove the Term, Period, Teacher, and Room from the selected courses only.  Save this schedule version with a different file name to identify characteristics of this schedule version. 

NOTE: This option requires that courses are set to Use with MSB = Yes on the Course Details screen. Go to Course Catalog > Course Details > in Field to Update select Use with MSB to update courses to Yes if necessary.

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