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Should a grade of ‘W’ be entered when a student drops a course?

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Last updated: 28 May, 2015
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There is no need to enter a ‘W’ grade as long as you adjust the terms on the Modify Schedules screen to remove the subsequent course terms AFTER the student drops the course. When you adjust the student’s schedule to remove terms, iPASS will report the student as withdrawn in the SCS report with no need to enter a ‘W’ grade.

EXCEPTION: After October 1st SCS Report – A student drops a course during a single term course (ie.T1 or Q1) or during the last term the course is scheduled (ie. Q2 for a Semester 1 course, Q4 for a Semester 2 or full year course). The EOY SCS Report expects a Final Grade for the completed course. A ‘W’ will need to be entered for the single term course to indicate the student withdrew from the course. It is the discretion of the school if they want to report the student schedule for the last term of a multi-term course or adjust the course to remove the last term. Special consideration needs to be given if grades were issued during the last term.

NOTE: Entering the ‘W’ grade will print the course on the Transcript.

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