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How do I run GPA?

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Last updated: 22 Mar, 2016
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Calculating GPA (Running the program)

Calculating GPA: Locate the program under Grading System > Maintenance - Grading > Averaging & GPA > GPA Calculation. 

Select School: Select the school for which you are going to calculate GPA.

Academic Year: Select the appropriate academic year to calculate.

Grade Level: Select the appropriate grade level to use in the calculation as defined. 

Helpful Hint! You must select a grade level when calculating GPA (it cannot be left blank). The grade level is used to determine ranking. If you are running it in previous years then select the grade year you wish to run it in and assume the students’ grade level for that year

Example: A Student is currently in Grade Level 12 for the 2015-2016 academic year and you want to recalculate Grade Level 11 for the 2014-2015 academic year. You would run GPA for Grade Level 11 using academic the year of 2014-2015.

Helpful Hint! If you are re-calculating GPA for prior years then you must start with the earliest academic year with the corresponding grade level for that year that you need to re-calculate. You must also re-calculate all other academic years, in order, finishing with the current year.

Grade Scale: Select the appropriate scale to use in the calculation as defined under Grading System > Maintenance - Grading > Grade Scales.

Students: You may enter a single Student ID# or a string of ID #’s separated by commas (no spaces) to get a report showing the last GPA calculated.

Helpful Hint! Leave this field blank if you want to calculate GPA for all students in a selected grade level. Be sure to select the appropriate Grade Level value.

Include Non-Enrolled: All students will be included in the GPA calculation regardless of their enrollment status. If you select “Yes” when running the Class Ranking Report, the program will include students that were withdrawn during that academic year.

Helpful Hint! To include transfer students in the GPA Calculation you will need to set this to “Yes” when you run GPA Calculation for previous years. During current school year you can set this to “No” so you don’t include withdrawn students in GPA Rank.

Final Grade Only: Select “Yes" if you only want to use courses that have a final grade and ignore courses that are not completed.

Avg Grade Column: Leave this field blank under most conditions. The Horizontal Average Rules will count individual grades proportionally (ie. Q1 20%, Q2 20%, Mid-Term Exam 10%, Q3 20%, Q4 20%, Final Exam 10%). Be aware that if you select a grade heading in the Avg Grade Column field when calculating GPA, if a grade value exists, then it alone will be used.

Credit – The default of Full Credit uses the full credits for the course. Selecting Not more than 2.5 will limit credits to no more than 2.5. Selecting 1 Credit Only will give each course only 1 Credit no matter the number of credits set up in the Course Catalog. Selecting Ignore Override for Credit Loss will include a student even if they lost credits (ie. by running Grading Reports > Student Comments for credit deduction).

Detail GPA Report: Select “Yes” to automatically generate two reports (GPA Rank & GPA Report) that can be found in Reports. The “GPA Report” can also be printed at any time, and sorted differently, without re-calculating GPA, under Grade System > Grading Reports > GPA Rank.

Sort for Rank Report: Select a sorting option from the pull down list

Revised March 2016

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