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Why can't I enter Narratives for my Competency Based Report Cards? It worked fine last year?

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Last updated: 28 Nov, 2017
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Each year the narrative parameters have to be set up. You can do this by going to: Grading System > Grading Maintenance > Narrative Parameters tab.

The School Year defaults to the current School Year (ie. 2015-2016). If the Narrative Parameters have not been set up for the current year it will say “No records match the search criteria. Please try again.”

Switch the School Year to the previous school year (ie. 2014-2015). Once you switch the year to the previous school year you should see what was set up for that year.

Click on the Narrative (in this case it is called Teacher Comments) and a new window will open giving you the Title, Display Order, Number of Columns and Number of Rows for the narrative parameters. Write down the information that is given on this screen and then close this screen.

Switch the school year back to the current school year (ie. 2015-2016). Click the +Add Button to Create a New Narrative.

Fill out narrative parameter information that you wrote down from the previous school year and enter it exactly the same way on this screen. In this example the Title is Teacher Comments, Display Order is 5, Number of Columns is 100 and Number of Rows in 7. Submit the screen. You will need to refresh the screen to see that the narrative parameter has been added.

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