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How do I “Assign Teacher Access” for entering Competency Report Card Narratives and Grades?

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Last updated: 14 Dec, 2015
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Access must be assigned for both Competency and Grades.

Go to Security System > Assign Teacher Access. Search for the teacher you want to give the access to. Click on Competency.

Find the teacher you want to give this teacher access to, check the box next to their name, and click Submit.

NOTE: Make sure you have the correct School selected.

Next, click on Grades and repeat the same steps as above.

Now Mary Adams has the ability to enter Competency Narrative and Grades for James Boudreau’s courses. When Mary Adams is logged into her iPASS account, when she goes to Add/Modify Narrative she will select James Boudreau as the Teacher and she will have access to his courses and students.

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