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document How do I “Assign Teacher Access” for entering Competency Report Card Narratives and Grades?
Access must be assigned for both Competency and Grades. Go to Security System > Assign Teacher Access. Search for the teacher you want to...
14 Dec, 2015
document If a student is withdrawn, how do I make sure they don't get rolled over at the end of the year, or show up on next year's list of incoming students?
When you withdraw them, make sure they do not have a "Next Year's School" set on the biographical profile page.
26 Aug, 2009
document Why are the photos on my Add Modify Narrative Screen showing up as just boxes ?
Go to <System Configuration><Parameter Maintenance>. Application = Team Parameter Group = Page defaults.    Set up two...
13 Jul, 2009
document Why can't I enter Narratives for my Competency Based Report Cards? It worked fine last year?
Each year the narrative parameters have to be set up. You can do this by going to: Grading System > Grading Maintenance > Narrative...
28 Nov, 2017
document Why can't I enter Standard/Competency scores for my Competency Based Report Cards? It worked last year?
Each year the Course Competencies must be linked to the courses in the Course Catalog. You do this by going to Scheduling System > Course...
04 Dec, 2015