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What formula does iPass use to calculate GPA?

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Last updated: 30 Jan, 2012
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The GPA Formula            
Quality Points divided by Attempted Credits = GPA
For Year-to-Date (YTD) GPA
The Final Grade for the course will be used, if available. Otherwise, each grade that has been assigned a percentage in the Horizontal Average/Percentage Rules will be used proportionally to determine the GPA Quality Points and GPA Attempted Credits for the course.
The Final Grade for the course or each of the individual grades stored for the selected term and all prior terms are converted to the GPA Grade Scale value. The GPA Grade Scale Value is multiplied by the Full Credit for the Course if it is a Final Grade. If it’s not a Final Grade, then each grade is multiplied by the Full Credit and then by the Percentage from the Horizontal Average/Percentage Rules to get the Quality Points for each grade.
Grade converted to GPA value X Credits X Horizontal % = Grade Quality Points
The Course Credits are multiplied by the Percentage from the Horizontal % Rules to get the Attempted GPA Credits for each grade.
Course Credits X Horizontal % = Grade Attempted Credits
The total of the Grade Quality Points for all course divided by the total of the Grade Attempted Credits for all courses gives you the YTD GPA.
Total Grade Quality Points / Total Grade Attempted Credits = YTD GPA
Year-to-Date GPA – Sample calculation using a simple 4.0 scale with the following values;
                      GPA Scale      Value                      Courses                  Credits
4.5         95                          Full Year Courses      1.0   (1 credit)
4.292                              Semester Courses     .5 (1/2 credit)
4.0         90                          Quarter Courses        .25 (1/4 credit)
3.4               84

Assuming the following percentages defined in Horizontal Averaging Rules and Grade Heading %
    Course Description          MT1   Q1   MT2   Q2   MidEx   S1Avg   MT3   Q3   MT4   Q4   FEx   S2Avg   FinGr
    Full Year Courses                       20%             20%    10%                               20%             20% 10%
    Semester One Courses               40%           40%     20%   
Semester Two Courses                                                                                        40%             40% 20%
    Course Description          MT1   Q1   MT2   Q2   MidEx   S1Avg   MT3   Q3   MT4   Q4   FEx   S2Avg   FinGr
    Quarter Course                  77       79                                                                                                                               80
    Semester Course              80       85
Full Year Course              90       95
Grade converted to GPA value x Credits x GH% Quality point 
   80         =                 3.0          x     .25    x           =            .75
   85         =                 3.5          x     .5      x   .40   =            .70
   95         =                 4.5          x   1.0      x   .20   =            .90
                                    Total Quality Points                                2.35
                                                                                    YTD GPA
                        Total Quality Points                                        2.35    =             3.615
                        Total Attempted Credits (.25x.20x.20)            .65
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