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GPA Checklist - What do I check in iPASS before running GPA Calculation?

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Last updated: 01 Mar, 2016
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The following GPA Calculation Checklist will help make sure everything is set up for calculating student GPA.

The GPA Rank Yes/No flag on the Course Catalog > Course Details screen should be set to YES for those courses that will calculate in a student GPA. Set to NO for those that don’t calculate in GPA.

Select the Grade Scales in the box that you will use to calculate GPA for each course.

Check the Curriculum Level of each course for accuracy on the Course Details screen.

Check the Horizontal Average Rules assigned to each section of each course for accuracy on the Course Details screen. This will insure the calculation is done correctly to each course at that point in the school year. If you want to set all of them or correct any errors for all courses at once, you may run the Assign Average Rule to Sections program in Course Catalog.

Check your Grade Scale Values for each Curriculum Level for accuracy in Grading System > Maintenance - Grading > Grade Scales.

To find out if a grade is included in GPA calculation and what numeric value (UnWeighted value) will be used to calculate an Alpha grade, check the settings for the grade in the Grading System > Maintenance - Grading > Maintain Grades set up. Click on the grade Code to see the settings.

After you have run the GPA Calculation, review the Detailed GPA Report in My Reports for accuracy. If there are errors here, go back to the Course Details screen, make the corrections and re-calculate GPA.

Troubleshooting GPA Calculation:

The following table represents how iPASS calculates GPA. This can be set up in an Excel spreadsheet to help calculate the GPA value.

The Grade Scale value comes from the Grade Scales table based on the Grade and Curriculum Level.

The Credits come from the Course Catalog.

The Horizontal Average comes from the Horizontal Average Rules. If it’s a final grade is would be 1.0. If the GPA is run during the school year, for courses not yet completed, the Horizontal Average Rules will count individual grades proportionally (ie. Q1 20%, Q2 20%, Mid-Term Exam 10%, Q3 20%, Q4 20%, Final Exam 10%).

Revised March 2016

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