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How do I adjust credits for a student and update their Transcript History?

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Last updated: 24 Mar, 2016
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Adjust the credits for the specific course on the Modify Schedules screen and run Transcripts for the entire grade to update the Transcript History.  There are times when a student earns less than the credits set up for a course in the Course Catalog. The Modify Schedules screen must be used to adjust the earned credits for a specific course for a specific student. To update the Transcript History you must then run Transcripts for the entire grade. Note, Transcripts should be run for the applicable school year.

Go to Scheduling System > Modify Schedules > select student. Click on the Course ID of the course you need to change the credits for.

Adjust the Credits and Submit.

The Credits are now adjusted.

Remember to go to Grading System > Reports – Grading > Transcripts to run the transcripts for the associated Academic Year for the entire grade level. This will insure all students with adjusted credits will have their Transcript History updated. After adjustments are confirmed, re-calculate GPA since GPA would change with a change in credit value.

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