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document All of the reports under My Reports come up with a ?? under the process date. How do I fix this?
Go to System Administration>Process Control. Start 5 new report processes and then shut down and delete the old ones.
29 Sep, 2010
document Are there guidelines for entering a Harris eSupport Ticket?
ANNOUNCEMENT: iPass Support will be moving to a new ticket system beginning January 2, 2019 Harris School Solutions is moving to a...
20 Dec, 2018
document Can I get a report to run every day at a certain time without manually running it?
Yes, if you have access to the Batch Report option. Click on Run Report in Batch. Select the Batch Start date and time, then days and times that you...
29 Sep, 2010
document Can I print reports from my iPad?
Users can print using their iPad as they normally would from iPASS when printing to a PCL and/or generating PDF output.  To print an iPASS...
13 Apr, 2012
document Can I update iPass myself if I'm not on nightly updates?
Yes, Go to System Configuration>Update iPass. Select Install Updates YES and submit. Go to My Reports to review the details of the update. If...
29 Sep, 2010
document Can we redirect our public URL to our iPass URL?
 Yes, modify the /var/www/html/index.html and redirect it to your iPass URL.
29 Sep, 2010
document How do I configure my email setup so that teachers and administrators can use the email from Rankbook, Success Plans and Discipline systems?
Please contact IMG at 508-626-8682 and provide the technical staff with the following information:   ~Type of email server and...
29 Sep, 2010
document How do I sftp out of ipass?
 A public private key needs to be gernerated. See http://e-articles.info/e/a/title/How-to-Generate-a-Key-Pair-Using-OpenSSH/...
29 Sep, 2010
document How to reset the time on Linux server? I keep getting an error message that the clock doesn't match the time on the server.
   The proper way to resolve this is to configure NTP server to sync the clock with the NTP server that the rest of your network syncs...
29 Sep, 2010
document iHealth TEST data template
iHealth TEST data template
29 Sep, 2010
document Importing Student and Staff Photos
Importing Student and Staff Photos Photos are to be named StudentID.jpg. SASID or LASID can also be used. Photos should...
07 Mar, 2018
document iPass Support Hub Guide (January 2019)
The iPass Support Hub is a self-service tool that allows us to provide you with exceptional customer support. On the iPass Support Hub, you will...
31 Dec, 2018
document Where do I store my student images file so that the pictures can be seen in profile screens? The database server or the web server?
Student image files should always be stored on your database server.
29 Sep, 2010
document Why are the photos on my Add Modify Narrative Screen showing up as just boxes?
 Go to <System Configuration><Parameter Maintenance>. Application = Team Parameter Group = Page defaults.    Set up...
29 Sep, 2010