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Fall 2019 - Workshop, Training & Coaching Options

07 Oct, 2019


Fall 2019 Workshops, Coaching and Training Options

The iPass Support Team is here to insure your success!

The iPass Success options listed below provide districts with valuable training and a refresher of the essential steps needed to complete October State Reporting and start the new school year.

Our remote classroom instruction and review sessions combined with personalized coaching will step you through the processes with speed, ease and success.

The remote classroom sessions are open to unlimited district staff, making it the most affordable way to keep your staff trained and up-to-date with iPass. The small group coaching sessions are personalized to meet the experience level and need of your districts users, insuring a successful outcome.

State Reporting Workshop – SIMS, SCS & EPIMS

** This workshop has already taken place. Please contact Laura Patton if you are interested in purchasing the recording of the 2-Hour session. **

This fall we are offering one 2-Hour Remote Classroom Workshop that will take users through the steps to report Massachusetts October 2019 SIMS, SCS and EPIMS via SIF Transmission. This workshop is for staff new to the state reporting process or staff in need of a refresher.

The Workshop session is open to unlimited district staff to allow all staff involved in the state reporting process to participate. Districts will receive a recording of the session.

** NOTE: We are offering Personalized Coaching as a separate option this year. **

This will allow our more advanced users to engage us for coaching without needing to attend the workshop portion. We highly recommend anyone registering for the State Reporting Workshop to also register for a minimum of 2 Hours of Coaching. See Personalized Coaching section below.

MA October 2019 State Reporting Workshop – SIMS, SCS & EPIMS

2-Hour Remote Classroom Workshop



** Workshop Recording Available **


Please contact Laura Patton at lpatton@harriscomputer.com to register for this Workshop.

Personalized Coaching

This year we are offering Personalized Coaching hours as a stand-alone option. This will allow advanced users to engage us for coaching time only. Districts registering for our workshops should plan to add-on Coaching to insure success.

We highly recommend Coaching hours to help users clear their district’s State Reporting validation errors. The one-on-one assistance provided by an experienced iPass Support Team member will help districts troubleshoot their SIF transmission efficiently and meet the reporting deadline.   

Coaching is available in 2-Hour blocks and are scheduled in 1-Hour blocks. You may purchase Coaching for a specific need (ie. state reporting) or for use throughout the current school year for any topic. Coaching hours must be used by June 30, 2019.

Personalized Coaching

(Conference call sessions to be scheduled w/district)


2 Hours


4 Hours


6 Hours **($1,110 value, 20% Discount applied)


Please contact Laura Patton at lpatton@harriscomputer.com to get more information.

Recording Discipline & Reporting SSDR With Success

This year we are offering individual districts a Discipline Success option that includes Two 2-Hour personalized small-group coaching sessions to review their current discipline procedures, provide recommendations to improve their process, and provide training/review for staff on how to use iPass to record discipline incidents and report them in the End-of-Year School Safety and Discipline Report (SSDR).

Session I: Discuss Discipline process currently being used in the district; Review the current iPass Discipline set up; Identify areas for improvement; Review how to use iPass to report Discipline; Provide recommendations to the district with next steps to prepare for the next session. (2 Hours)

Session II: Follow up on recommendations and assigned next steps made during Session I; Provide coaching on iPass modifications; Review initial SSDR validation errors and provide recommendations to the discipline staff. (2 Hours)

Recording Discipline & Reporting SSDR With Success

2 Sessions - Review, Planning & Training

(Conference call sessions to be scheduled w/district)

District Price

Two 2-Hour Sessions (4 Hours Total)


Please contact Laura Patton at lpatton@harriscomputer.com to get more information.

iPass User Training Webinar Series

Recordings of the iPass User Training Webinars are available for purchase either individually or as a series along with a personalized 1-Hour interactive Q&A session. Each 3-Hour Training Webinar targets a specific job type and function and can be used to train new users and provide current users with a refresher of iPass features and functionality.


Topics Covered

District Price

Administrative Assistants

Biographical System, Attendance System, Grading System, Report Cards, Competencies, Reports, iParent/iStudent, Publishing Dashboard


Gradebook Support Staff & Lead Teachers

Gradebook, iTeacher, Grading, Competencies, Report Cards, Progress Reports, iParent/iStudent


Discipline Staff

Overview of Discipline System, Discipline Records, Reports, Data Requirements for SSDR State Reporting


Human Resources Staff

iStaff Best Practices, Career Records, Compensation, Attendance, Time Off Rollover, EPIMS Requirements, Contracts


Scheduling Staff

Scheduling Students, Drop/Add, Transfer Grades, Course Catalog Maintenance, Printing Schedules


School Administrators

iPass Overview, Discipline, Grading & Report Cards, Transcripts, GPA, Honor Roll, Scheduling, Dashboard Views, Data & Reporting, iParent/iStudent, Publishing Dashboard


Guidance Staff

Overview of Scheduling System, Grading System, Transcripts, GPA, Honor Roll


Bundled Series

All Sessions Included ** Savings of $500 **


Please contact Laura Patton at lpatton@harriscomputer.com to get more information.