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SCS Error Clearing – Sending SIF Objects

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Last updated: 07 Nov, 2016
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Users have the ability to send SIF Objects to update data at the DOE to help clear their errors. Under the SIF Agent folder there is the option to send all SCS objects by School, Student, or Course Section (SIF Agent > SIF Reporting) or to send specific SIF objects for the entire district (SIF Agent > SIF – Send SIF Objects). A report is generated in My Reports showing which objects were sent and how many.

Below is a list of the SCS SIF Objects and recommendations of when you should send the objects:

  • TermInfo – Send when changes are made to: Term Codes (Q1, Q2, FY, S1, etc), Term Start/End Dates (Academic Year Settings), DOE Field StaffWACourseTermCode, SIF Mapping of Terms.

  • SchoolCourseInfo – Send when changes are made to: Course Catalog Course Details (Course Name, Course ID, Subject Area/Course Code, DOE Instructional Level, DOE Course Credit Type, DOE Attending School, Course Credits).

  • SectionInfo – Send when changes are made to: Course Section (Section number, Terms section meets) *(Recommend sending along with SectionMarkInfo.)

  • SectionMarkInfo – This object tells the DOE if the course section requires a grade and if grade is a final grade. *(Recommend sending along with SectionInfo.)

  • StudentSectionEnrollment – This object includes a student’s course section enrollment detail. Send if changes made to student’s course section schedule from the Modify Schedules screen, such as changes to terms or credits. *(Recommend sending along with StudentSectionMarks.)

  • StudentSectionMarks – This object includes a student’s grades and credits. *(Recommend sending along with StudentSectionEnrollment.)

If the errors do not clear after sending these objects, submit an eSupport ticket letting Support know what you have done and the errors that remain. We will clear your SIF Transaction Table and work with you to send the SIF Objects again.

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