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Quick Guide: DOE Import/Export - Export Report

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Last updated: 18 Jan, 2019
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SIMS DOE Field data values for students can be exported from iPass. Report run by Default School.

Go to DOE ID Manager > Import/Export

Select the fields to export. Use the Ctrl-key with your mouth to click-select multiple fields. Scroll down to see all available DOE fields.

Set the As of Date if you want it to be different than the default of ‘today’. When checking fields for SIMS you may want to use the report date when running the export (ie. 10/01/YYYY). Fields that are date specific will export the code as of that date.

Select Export.

Additional options are available for filtering the results by Student, Grade Level or Special Education Status. The Students field can be used to run the report for a single Student ID or multiple IDs (separated by a comma with no space in between).

After all selections are made click >> PREVIEW.

Scroll down to see to see a sample of the data fields selected.

Click Submit to create the export report.

Go to My Reports to find your report. Click on the report format you want to open.

** Refer to attached PDF with screen shots. **

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file DOE Import Export - Export.pdf (435 kb)

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