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NEW PROCESS NEEDED – EPIMS WA07 Job Classification

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Last updated: 13 Nov, 2016
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SIF EPIMS requires instructional staff have a career record for each WA07 Job Classification reported in the Work Assignments. This means that teachers who are scheduled to co-teach a class (reported as 2306 Co-Teacher) or provide supportive content instruction in the classroom alongside a primary teacher (reported as 2310 Teacher – Support Content Instruction) now require a career record with a Job Type = Co-Teacher and/or Job Type = Teacher – Support Content added. 

With SIF EPIMS you will no longer need to adjust the FTEs on the Work Assignment records. The DESE will find all the work assignments by Job Classification (ie. Job Type = Co-Teacher), find the Career Record with that Job Type, and use the Career FTE (ie. Co-Teacher .20 FTE) to calculate the FTE for each Work Assignment.

The MA DOE EPIMS screen’s WA07 Job Classification selection field will list only the Career Record Job Types associated with the staff member. For example, a teacher with a Career Record Job Type of “Teacher” only will display only “Teacher” as an option in the WA07 Job Classification field. To have Co-Teacher as an option there must be an additional Career Record with Job Type = Co-Teacher. 

REMINDER: SIF EPIMS requires one, and only one, assignment/career be documented as “Primary.” All staff members with multiple active career records must have “Is Main Job” checked off for their primary career record only. If a staff member splits their time evenly between assignments, only one of the assignments/careers should be selected as “Is Main Job.” If a staff member has only one career record it will transmit automatically as the primary assignment.

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