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document End of Year Massachusetts State Reporting (January 2019) - Information & Tips to Clear Errors
The following information and tips are intended to help you clear errors in SIF/Legacy SSDR, SCS, and EPIMS submission. Please let iPass...
22 Jan, 2019
document Enrollment Reconciliation Report
Enrollment Reconciliation Report Massachusetts clients using SIF can reconcile their SIMS enrollment report from the Department of Education...
20 Sep, 2017
document Helpful Hints Guide - EPIMS October 2019
The Support Team has prepared a list of helpful tips and recommendations to prepare and report your data for the October EPIMS...
07 Oct, 2019
document Homeless and Foster Care Query
This query will provide the iPass field values for the DOE’s homeless and foster care related elements: Homeless, Foster Care, Dwelling...
06 Oct, 2017
document How do I send SIF data objects to the DOE and which objects do I send for each state report?
There are two different ways to send SIF Objects. SIF - Send Objects allows you to send specific objects for the entire district. This...
08 Mar, 2018
document How to Submit a SIF Report Support Ticket to the Executive Office of Education (EOE) Help Desk
There are times that the iPass Support Team will recommend that you submit a ticket to DESE's SIF Help Desk. Below please find directions and an...
19 Sep, 2018
document IMG SIF Reporting Guide
IMG SIF  Reporting Guide
19 Jul, 2013
document MA DESE Guidance for Entering Homeless and Foster Care Student Data (2017-18)
NEW for 2017-18: SIF districts do not need to do manual entry Starting in the 2017-18 collection, SIF districts do not need to manually...
17 Oct, 2017
document NCES and SIF Offense Type Code Mapping Recommendations - SSDR Offense and Disciplinary Action Codes
2017-2018 SSDR Update: All districts reporting SSDR via SIF or Legacy must map their iPass incident codes to the new NCES Offense Type...
08 Nov, 2018
document New ‘Report to DOE’ Discipline Fields for SIF SSDR
The Sync version of iPASS includes the additional Discipline fields for reporting SSDR Discipline data via SIF 2.7. These fields are available in...
24 May, 2016
document PowerPoint - What to Expect for October 2015 State Reporting (Sept 23 & 30, 2015)
PowerPoint slides presented during WebEx - What to Expect Oct 1 2015 State Reporting.
01 Oct, 2015
document Quick Guide: Discipline System - Large Count "Nameless" Victims
SIF transmission of the School Safety and Discipline Report (SSDR) victim count is reported through total count of victim records, not by the...
14 Mar, 2018
document Quick Guide: Preparing for Massachusetts March and EOY State Reporting (Updated 2020)
*** UPDATE for 2019-2020 School Year *** DESE expects all SIF enabled sites to submit their state reports via SIF transmission. SIF...
14 Jan, 2020
document Quick Guide: Preparing for October State Reporting (2018)
SIF Districts: Step 1: Set the transmission “As of Date” to October 1. For SIMS & SCS: Set the Last Transmission Date...
19 Sep, 2018
document Quick Guide: SIF EPIMS 2310 Support Content Teacher - No Scheduled Courses
The DESE outlined changes for 2018 EOY EPIMS that will allow 2310 Support Content Teacher Staff Assignments to be reported via SIF with an...
29 May, 2019
document Recommendations for Clearing Error: EPIMS6760 - A maximum of two support content assignments may be reported for a class
Check: Only one teacher is scheduled to the Course Section Check Course Section Schedule “Add Dates” screen to make...
19 Sep, 2018
document SCS Error Clearing – Sending SIF Objects
Users have the ability to send SIF Objects to update data at the DOE to help clear their errors. Under the SIF Agent folder there is the option...
07 Nov, 2016
document SIF - Setting Up for the next State Reporting Period
SIF – Setting Up for the Next State Reporting Period Set the DOE Parameters Last Transmission Date at each school to the report...
18 Sep, 2018
document SIF Configuration Guide
SIF Configuration Guide Attached
09 Apr, 2013
document SIF Job Type Codes
The following recommendations will help you select the "SIF Job Type" code to use with the familiar EPIMS Job Classification or Job Type...
22 May, 2018

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