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Recommendations for Clearing Error: EPIMS6760 - A maximum of two support content assignments may be reported for a class

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Last updated: 19 Sep, 2018
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  • Only one teacher is scheduled to the Course Section
  • Check Course Section Schedule “Add Dates” screen to make sure there are no teachers listed that should not be. If yes, use delete SIF Temp Table to delete StaffSectionAssignment, SectionInfo and SchoolCourseInfo SIF Objects. Then send these SIF Objects for the District.

If this does not clear the error, submit a ticket to iPass Support with details of your troubleshooting and the results.

Example eSupport Ticket:

Summary: A maximum of 2 support content assignments for 1 class

I am receiving the error: EPIMS6760 - A maximum of two support content assignments may be reported for a class.

Three support teachers are reporting for class section: i401-Babola = MEPID # 52421895, 54164576, 54349908

I have confirmed that they are not on the Add Dates window for the class. Only the correct teacher is marked.

I have verified that the class section is not appearing on their iPass Work Assignment.

I have deleted the SIF Temp Tables for: school course info, section info, staff assignment and staff section assignment. I resent the objects. I have also resent the individual EPIMS record.

I have also looked at the SIF Transmission Report Lookup Individual MEPID and the class section is being reported for all three staff members.

I am attaching screen shots of what I am seeing. Please let me know if there is something more I can do on my end.

After iPass Support confirms that all steps have been done to try and clear the error on the user side, Support will make a recommendation to the user to submit a SIF Help Desk ticket to the EOE Support Desk requesting to delete the StaffSectionAssignment, SchoolCourseInfo, and SectionInfo Objects. (Requesting data be deleted should be restricted to district-wide requests, not individual MEPIDs.)

EOE Help Desk URL is: https://massgov.service-now.com/eoe

Click here for link to recommendations for entering an EOE Support Desk Ticket.

Once objects are cleared by the DOE (confirmed with Object Count = 0 for these Objects), the user would then use Delete SIF Temp Table to clear the StaffSectionAssignment, SchoolCourseInfo, and SectionInfo Objects and then use SIF – Send Objects to send the StaffSectionAssignment, SchoolCourseInfo, and SectionInfo Objects. This will be done for the entire district.

Also listed in
folder DOE ID Manager -> Help -> EPIMS (MA)

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