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What is causing the SIF EPIMS Error of EPIMS4001: Record reported more than once in SR file?

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Last updated: 20 Oct, 2017
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Check the staff member Career Record to see if there are multiple active Careers with Main Job = Yes. If there are multiple records the staff member will be reported in the Staff Roster file for EACH Main Job.

Go to iStaff Biographical > Add/Modify Staff > Career and check to see which Careers are set to Main Job = Yes.

If there is more than one set to Yes, you will need to select just one active Career to be ‘Is Main Job.’ The other Career(s) need to be set to No. Select the job that the staff member does 50% or more of the time. In the event that the jobs are divided evenly, you may pick either one as long as one is Yes and the other(s) are No. 

To update the Career record, click on Start Date of the Career record you want to change, un-check the ‘Is Main Job’ checkbox, and Submit to update the record.

Once ‘Is Main Job’ is un-checked, the Career records will show only one Main Job = Yes.

TO UPDATE DOE: Use SIF Agent > Delete SIF Tmp Table to clear the EPIMS-related SIF Objects. Then use SIF Reporting > EPIMS to send updated SIF Objects.

** Refer to the attached document for screen shots. **

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