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What are the recommended parameters to select when running the Bio Verification Report?

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Last updated: 04 Aug, 2017
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The recomendations below are for the Sync verision of iPass (7.020160825_sync or later):

Bio Verification Report – Recommended Parameter Selections

Several new parameters have been added to the Bio Verification Report. To print 1 copy for each student or 2 copies when the parents/guardians live at separate (unique) addresses we recommend the following selections:

  • Relationship to Student (Do not select unless you want to limit the number of copies generated - See Note 1 below)
  • Legal Status (Do not select unless you want to limit the number of copies generated - See Note 1 below)
  • Guardian Receives Mail = Yes (All parents/guardians that should receive mail/email/correspondence should be set to Yes)
  • Guardian Lives w/Student = (Select one of the below options)
    • Yes (This will print a copy of the report for the Guardian identified as Lives w/Student)
    • Blank (This will print one report for Guardian that Lives w/student AND one for Guardian that does not live with student and is set to "Receives Mail = Yes”. Each report will be addressed to the Guardian Name at that address.)
  • 1 Copy per Lives With Flag = Yes (This will make sure that when multiple Guardians are set to Lives w/Student = Yes and live at the same address, then only one report will be generated – see Note 2 below)


  1. Using Relationship and Legal Status will restrict the number of reports generated and who they are addressed to only. These settings do not restrict which Contacts are printed on the forms.
  2.  If the address is perceived to be "unique" it will generate 2 reports. If one parent has address entered as “Road” and one as “Rd” this is perceived to be 2 unique addresses. This relates to your district’s data entry process and should be taken into consideration.

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