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How do you import/export data between iPASS and TeachPoint?

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Last updated: 06 Jun, 2018
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There is a TeachPoint Export that allows you to export fields from iPASS to import into TeachPoint. In addition, Staff Data Import can be used to import evaluation data required for MA EPIMS state reporting. *(Be sure to use the DOE's 2-digit Evaluation Rating codes.)

NOTE: Staff Data Import requires the import file contain 6 required fields for matching staff and the data must match iPASS exactly: First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Employee ID, Gender, and Date of Birth.

Go to iStaff Biographical > Procedures – iStaff > TeachPoint Export.

When you run the TeachPoint export you get the following fields: (yellow highlight = required 6 matching fields for iPASS Staff Data Import)

  • First Name,
  • Last Name,
  • Type,
  • School,
  • Grade Min,
  • Grade Max,
  • Subject Taught,
  • Job,
  • Prof Status,
  • Emp ID,
  • Login ID,
  • Password,
  • Email,
  • Team,
  • Local ID,
  • Gender,
  • Birth Date,
  • Middle Name

This export is used to set up TeachPoint with staff, including the matching 6 fields of data.

Additional information can be found in iPASS Help > iStaff > Help > TeachPoint Export Import.

Additional information can be found in iPASS Help > DOE ID Manager > FAQ > How do I import my Staff Evaluation and Staff Attendance Data into iPASS for EPIMS EOY Reporting?

Also listed in
folder DOE ID Manager -> Help -> EPIMS (MA)

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