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document Do I have the ability to change or add to the "Degree Subject" field in the DOE EPIMS?
Yes, go to DOE ID Manager DOE fields; Find them under staff
22 Oct, 2009
document How do I add a person's name into the "reported to" field in the discipline system?
The person needs to be assigned a Job Type that is associated to the Job Group of Administrator in iStaff Biographical>Career Record.
13 Jul, 2009
document How do I add FTE's to my drop-down list if I need more?
Go to iStaff Biographical, iStaff Procedures and click on iStaff Configuration. You can add FTE percentages on this screen. Click on submit to...
05 Nov, 2015
document How do I change a teacher's name?
>iStaff Biographical>Add/Modify Staff. Find the staff member and change their name. You may also go to Security System>Change a UserID and...
23 Jul, 2009
document How do I delete a career record for a staff member that was misentered?
Use career batch entry.  It is in iStaff procedures.
09 Oct, 2009
document How do I delete a work assignment for a teacher that is incorrect?
You can delete non-course work assignment records right from the individual's screen. However, courses that are scheduled for a teacher in the...
22 Oct, 2009
document How do I import my Staff Evaluation and Staff Attendance data into iPASS for EPIMS EOY reporting?
Use the Staff Data Import to import Staff Evaluation and Staff Attendance data for the EPIMS Staff Roster file. The import file MUST contain the...
11 Jul, 2017
document How do I reset the staff attendance values in iPASS for the October 1 EPIMS Report?
If you use iStaff for Attendance: The values submitted for staff reported in the EOY EPIMS are there until you clear them out. Step 1: For...
09 Oct, 2015
document How do you import/export data between iPASS and TeachPoint?
There is a TeachPoint Export that allows you to export fields from iPASS to import into TeachPoint. In addition, Staff Data Import can be used to...
06 Jun, 2018
document How would I create a staff report with their names and id numbers on them for their school Id?
iStaff biographical, Reports iStaff, Export staff data.
09 Oct, 2009
document I can't enter past attendance for employees. Can this be changed?
Yes, go to iStaff Bio>iStaffProcedures>iStaff Configuration.  On that screen you can set the number of attendance days forward...
22 Sep, 2009
document I have teachers appearing on my list of teachers in the scheduling system that are no longer working in my school. How do I remove them from this list?
Teachers must have an end date in their career record for your school, in iStaff Biographical.  If they have left the district, then they also...
19 Jan, 2011
document I need to enter a para professional into a study hall for an assignment, but she is not a teacher, therefore does not show up on the drop down list. How can I get her name to show up as the teacher assigned to cover the study hall?
The para will need career record set up in iStaff for a teacher with zero FTE. Then they will show up on the teacher list.
09 Oct, 2009
document iStaff Attendance Data Import
Question: Will we be able to upload our attendance and expected attendance for EPIMS into iPass. Our attendance is in our municipal system...
25 Jun, 2014
document Where do I add federal salary percentages to the drop-down menu?
Go to DOE ID Manager > Maintenance – DOE > Fields. Scroll down until you see the three options for StaffPercentFederalSalary (1, 2,...
05 Nov, 2015
document Why do I see all of my staff members in iStaff Biographical but they don't appear on my list of teachers in the scheduling system?
Teachers need to have a career record set in iStaff Biographical with a job  of Teacher to appear in scheduling.
19 Jan, 2011