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How do I create an iStudent account for an individual student?

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Last updated: 24 Mar, 2016
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An individual account can be created using the Manage User screen. A shortcut to the Manage User screen is available at the bottom of the Student Biographical Profile screen.

Go to Biographical System > Add/Modify Student Biographical or Find Any Student > select student > Profile. Scroll to the bottom of the Profile screen to the Internet User Information section.

If the student does not have an iStudent account the User ID = Not Available User.

Helpful Hint! If the student already had an iStudent account the User ID will be indicated along with the last password change and whether or not the iStudent account is active or not. This shortcut can be used to reset a student’s password and to re-activate the account.

To set up a new iStudent Account click on Manage User. This will bring you to the Security System > Manage – Users screen for that student. *(Access is available to User Types allowed access to Security System > Manage - Users)

Enter a User ID – Enter a User ID that matches your district’s naming protocol.

Enter a Password –Enter a generic password with “Force Password Change” or a unique student-specific password.

Optional: Email – If a student email address is entered on the Profile screen it will display here. An email address is required for the iPASS Forgot Password feature to work. Also, a student email address will allow administrators and teachers to email the student from iPASS.

Menu Folders: Select iStudent AND My Data – Use Ctrl-key click to make multiple selections.

Schools: Select appropriate school(s) for access – iStudent requires schools be selected. Grade 8 students may need both middle and high schools selected.

User Type: Student.

Check the box “Force Password Change?” to prompt the user to change their password at initial log in.

Once this screen is submitted the iStudent account information will display at the bottom of the Profile screen in the Internet User Information section.

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