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document FAQ - Is there a way to hide the Homeroom assignment in iParent after you rollover to the new school year?
When a parent is logged into their iParent account, all the "View" screens display a Student Bio summary box that includes the Home Room...
10 Aug, 2018
document How do I change a teacher's name?
>iStaff Biographical>Add/Modify Staff. Find the staff member and change their name. You may also go to Security System>Change a UserID and...
23 Jul, 2009
document How do I create an iStudent account for an individual student?
An individual account can be created using the Manage User screen. A shortcut to the Manage User screen is available at the bottom of the Student...
24 Mar, 2016
document How do you assign another user access to a teacher's Attendance, Grading, or Gradebook/Rankbook?
Use Security System > Assign Teacher Access to give a staff member (teacher/non-teaching) access to a teacher's account to enter Attendance,...
08 Jan, 2019
document iParent & iStudent - Recommended User Type Settings
iParent Go to Security System > Manage Users > User Types. Click on ASSIGN next to Parent User Type. Select Folder View: The ONLY...
03 Mar, 2016
document One of my users contacted me to reactivate their account. How do I do that?
Go to Security>Manage Users and find the person. Halfway down the screen, reset Active NO to YES. If they need to reset their password, you can do...
04 Aug, 2009