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FAQ - Is there a way to hide the Homeroom assignment in iParent after you rollover to the new school year?

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Last updated: 10 Aug, 2018
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When a parent is logged into their iParent account, all the "View" screens display a Student Bio summary box that includes the Home Room assignment for the current school year.

If ANY school in the district wants to keep parents from seeing the Homeroom they either need to remove the Homeroom until they are ready to make it publicly available to parents or they need to temporarily remove the "View" screen options from iParent. 

To remove the View screen options, go to Security System > Manage Users > User Types > find the Parent User Type and click on Assign.

Scroll down to the Folder: iParent and UN-Check the options you wish to remove temporarily from the iParent folder.

Note: The My Documents and Change Password options do not display 

If you have iStudent open and do not want Homeroom made public you will need to make similar changes to the Student User Type.

Other recommendations for adjustments needed to hide information from view in iParent in the now "current" school:

iParent/iStudent Settings

Now that you have rolled over to the new school year (ie 2018-2019), if you want to continue to restrict the viewing of scheduled courses you will need to make some adjustments to your iParent and/or iStudent Configuration settings.

The “Current” year is now 2018-2019. To continue to hide schedules and teachers, you will want to consider making the following changes to your settings:

  • Show Grade Information: Set to Prior or None (update message if needed)
  • Show Schedule Information: Set to Prior to None (update message if needed)
  • Hide Teacher Name and Room Number on student schedule: Select 2018-2019 (this will hide the teacher name/room number when you set Schedule Information to Current or All to show the 2018-2019 schedules)
  • Revoke Module Access to the
    • Assignments page
    • Progress Report page
    • Competency page
  • If you use the Schedule Rotation view (different from the Schedule page), remove this temporarily from the Parent User Type if you have not done so already.

** Refer to attached document for screen shots. **

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