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WebEx - Tips for Smooth Transition to 2018-2019 School Year (August 8, 2018 User Group Meeting)

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Last updated: 15 Aug, 2018
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User Group Meeting – August 8, 2018

Below please find the link to the webex recording for the August 2018 User Group Meeting.

News & Updates

  • Elementary School Scheduling Workshop - August 15, 2018
    • ​Group Webinar Trainging 9:00am-12:00pm (3 Hours)
    • Personalized Coaching Sessiones (2 Hours - To be Scheduled)
  • Recommendation Screen May Not Show Courses for Students After Rollover
    • After you have rolled over we are seeing students with Next Year’s school filled in.  This should be blank because Next Year’s school would be for 2019-2020 and you have not run the update to fill that in yet. Any student with this situation will make the screen not show up for staff trying to work with Recommendations. The issue is that there is a Primary School/Year Record set in the system for this students with a Zero Sequence number for Calendar Year Sequence.
    • We have a script that can clear these out.
    • Remind staff they cannot fill in Next Year’s School field until someone creates the Next Year in the Calendar Year Table.

NOTE:  After roll over the District Configuration – iParent Configuration – iStudent Configuration screens need to be adjusted if you want to hide schedules. For example, the Current Prior setting will now show schedules for the new school year because the 2018-2019 year is now the current year

Featured Topic: Checking To Make Sure 2018-2019 Is All Set

  • Go through Phase III of EOY Procedures Help Document - it will walk you through everything
  • Check Enrollments – Run Enrollment Reports in Attendance and Biographical System
  • Check Start and End dates of Terms in Academic Year setting (make sure the display orders match last year’s display orders for Fake Terms)
  • Check Start and End dates of Calendars
  • Check Holidays
  • Roll Grades – Attendance – Activities
  • Fix Expiration Dates on Alerts
  • Delete and Create new Batch Reports
  • Purge Old SIF Processor Logs
  • Start New Processor Logs
  • Set SIF as of dates to 10/01/2018 in DOE prams by school and in iStaff Configuration
  • Once the Schedules are finalized Remove any unused courses from course catalog or at least un schedule any section that does not have students
  • Run Assign Horizontal Average Rules to Sections
  • Set up Narrative Parameters
  • Check Grade Headings and Terms Screen

Click here to view the recording >> DOWNLOAD RECORDING

The recording is stored in Google Drive.

NOTE: Click on the iPass User Group Meeting file to download. A message will tell you there is No preview available. Click Download. The file exceeds the maximum file size that Google can scan for viruses so you will need to click “Download Anyway.” You can Open the file after download or you can Save File. Due to the size of the file it will take some time to download. Let is complete before trying to view.

** It is recommended that you Download the file prior to viewing. **

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