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How to Remove/Hide the Link for "iPass 2 Go"

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Last updated: 03 Jan, 2017
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Sites may still have a link for iPass 2 Go on the iPass Login screen. A parameter has been added that will allow you to remove or hide this link (Version 7.0.20161219_sync and later).

To hide the iPass 2 Go link:

Go to System Configuration > Parameter Maintenance

Select Application = TEAM

Select Parameter Group = System

Look for the Parameter Name of “Hide iPass2Go Link”, set the Parameter Value = Yes, and Submit.

If the Parameter Name is not listed you will need to add it. Scroll to the bottom and use the first empty field.

Add Parameter Name = Hide iPass2Go Link (exactly as written)

Add Parameter Value = Yes


Upon Submit, the new parameter will be added in alphabetical order.

When the parameter is set to Yes the link will no longer display on the iPass Login screen.

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