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Quick Guide: Grade Headings & Terms

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Last updated: 05 Apr, 2017
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IMPORTANT: At the beginning of each school year, the Grade Headings and Terms table must be filled out completely for each school for that school year.

** Refer to attached Quick Guide: Grade Headings & Terms. **

Revised April 2017 to include new option to open mutliple terms in a single grade heading.

Go to Grading System > Maintenance – Grading > Grade Headings & Terms tab.

Include Grades

The first column on the left displays the Grade Headings. The row across the top displays the Terms. Grade headings are checked off as “Include” in the terms in which they occur.

If you have term courses that have a final grade at the end of each term, then those must be “Included” in each term as well:

Final Exam and MidTerm Exams or Averages must also be “included” in the terms in which they will be graded. For example, if a MidTerm Exam occurs in full year courses, it must be included in Q2. The Final Exam would be included in Q4.

Opening and Closing Grade Headings

The Grade Headings must be OPEN for teachers to enter grades. Open the grade heading by checking the checkbox for “Open” and Submit at the bottom of the screen. Teachers may now enter grades into that grade heading.

Once the period of time has ended for teacher grade entry, go back to the Grade Headings and Terms table and uncheck Open and Submit at the bottom of the screen. Teachers may no longer enter grades into that grade heading. This is important so that teaches do not continue to edit grades after report cards are generated.

Option to Open a Single Grade Heading in Multiple Terms:

iPass now offers the option to open a single grade heading in multiple terms. This will allow schools that offer multiple term types with overlapping grading windows (ie. Quarter Terms and Mini-Terms) the ability to open all the terms in a single grade heading at one time for grade entry. Previously each one would need to be opened separately.

A typical rule to follow is that when grades are OPEN for teachers, they are CLOSED to parents and students. Once grades have been verified and teacher entry of grades is closed, then grade view is re-opened to parents and students. This is controlled using Show Grade Information setting or the Grant/Revoke Module Access for Grades page in iParent and iStudent configuration.

Display Grades

Checking off “Display” will allow teachers to view previous term, exam, and progress report grades entered for each student they are grading on the My Courses > Submit Course Grades and/or iTeacher > Add/Modify Course Grades screen.

The example below shows the Q3 grade heading open and grades for each student’s previous terms are shown.

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