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Reminder: Check Horizontal Averaging Rules Before Calculating Mid-Year, Year to Date, Final Averages

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Last updated: 29 Jan, 2019
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Reminder: Check Horizontal Averaging Rules Before Calculating Mid-Year, Year to Date, Final Averages

Horizontal Averaging Rules are used to determine the weight of each Grade Heading when you use iPASS to calculate Mid-year, Year to Date, or Final Averages.  These rules also come into play when calculating the Honor Roll and GPA.

If you changed the number of terms from 3 to 4 or added a MidTerm or Final Exam to the mix, you will have to adjust the Horizontal Average Rules to include those grade headings and indicate the percentage needed of each grade heading.

You may change the values in this table before processing either a Horizontal Average calculation, Honor Roll, or a GPA calculation if you want different weighting.

  • Go to < Grading System > < Maintenance - Grading > < Horizontal Average Rules > (This table is not academic year specific.)
  • Use the “Horizontal Average Rules Filters” option to find the specific rules to be reviewed or modified.
  • To modify a Rule, click on the Rule to open the table, make adjustments, and Submit to record the changes.

Before running GPA, Honor Roll, or Horizontal Averaging the Horizontal Averages Rules need to be assigned to the course sections. 

  • This can be done individually in the Course Details or globally using < Scheduling System > < Course Catalog > < Assign Average Rules to Sections >.
  • On the < Assign Average Rules to Sections > screen there is an option for Override = Yes.  When set to Yes, the system will look at the Terms selected on the Course Schedule screen for each course section and will assign the corresponding Horizontal Average Rule on the Course Details screen for each section.

CAUTION: If you have multiple Horizontal Averaging Rules that include the exact same Terms you should not run Assign Average Rules to Sections. You will need to manually assign to the course sections. This can be done  using Course Catalog > Course Schedule > Field to Update = Average Rule.

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