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Recommendation - Prepare for Final Report Cards

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Last updated: 03 Jun, 2015
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It is important to check your Report Cards now and not wait for the day you need to print them. It is highly recommended that you prepare in advance by running some example Report Cards to make sure that the Grades, Comments, and Attendance totals are printing as you expect. This will avoid printing errors and last minute struggles.

We recommend selecting some sample students at each school, entering some fake grades, and creating example Report Cards to review. Look for any misalignments, missing, or incorrect data.

If you find that you are experiencing any issues with your Report Cards, please enter an eSupport ticket with detailed information about your issue and provide an example Report Card.

Attention SIF Districts: We suggest you check the Attendance totals on Report Cards to confirm the totals by Term are correct. Pick a few example students that you know have been absent and check their Term Attendance totals. If the totals are not showing correctly on the Report Card put an eSupport ticket in and we will check your Report Card form.

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