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Published Documents by Date Range Query

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Last updated: 22 Mar, 2016
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This query provides a list of Published Document Recipients and whether the document has been viewed. A date range can be specified to filter which documents are listed.

The Published_Documents_by_Date_Range query report includes:

  • File Name of Published document
  • Publish Date
  • User ID of Recipient
  • Viewed - Yes/No
  • Last Used - Last time the document was viewed
  • Last Name of Recipient
  • First Name of Recipient
  • Description - Type of Recipient (ie Student or Parent)
  • Total Downloads - Total number of times the document was opened for viewing
  • Student ID
  • Student Last Name
  • Student First Name

When you Execute the query you enter the date range for the published document(s) you want to view.

** NOTE: Directions on how to import this to your site can be found in iPASS Help > My Queries > Help > How do I import a query file into my iPass database?

Other queries available for download:

  • Published_Documents_with_User - Same as the  above report but with no date range filter. This report will include all published documents.
  • Published_Documents_Listed - List of Published Document Label, Document Comments, File Name, Publish Date, Total Downloads, and User ID of the person that published the report.

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