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On-line Recommendation By Course Query

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Last updated: 05 Mar, 2019
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This query will generate a report of all students with Recommendations by Course ID/Course Name.

This query can be run by School Year and By School. 

CourseID CourseName StudentID CurrentGradelevel LastName FirstName
E1011 English 1 15638 08 Adams Sam
E1011 English 1 98837 08 Arrow Brian
E1011 English 1 98579 08 Atlas Catherine
E1011 English 1 15429 08 Black Robin
E1011 English 1 12815 08 Blocke Alex

** Instructions on how to download queries to upload to your iPass site can be found in iPASS Help > My Queries > Help > How do I import a query into my iPass database?

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