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'Start Now - SSDR' Workshop + Coaching

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Last updated: 20 Feb, 2019
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‘Start Now – SSDR’ State Report Workshop + Coaching

The iPass Support Team is offering a mid-year SSDR State Reporting Workshop + Coaching option to provide districts with an opportunity to jump start the process of reporting discipline in the end of year SSDR Report. This is a great time to get district staff responsible for discipline actively involved with preparing the iPass discipline records for the SSDR report and clearing the SIF validation errors as they go. This will include a 2-hour interactive group webinar followed by 2 hours of personalized small group coaching sessions.

Start Now - SSDR Workshop Dates

Workshop Session (Webex 9-11:0am)

Coaching Session

Promotional District Price

Registration Link

February 26, 2019

2 Hours

2 Hours


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Can’t Make A Live Event? Don’t Worry – We’ve Got It Covered

This event has a scheduled date for the ‘live’ interactive group webinar session. The sessions are recorded. So don’t worry if you can’t attend on the date listed, we will give you a link to the recorded session. Coaching sessions can be scheduled at a time convenient for you and your team.

For more information email lpatton@harriscomputer.com.

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