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iPass User Training Series (2018-2019)

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Last updated: 25 Jan, 2019
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** Refer to attached PDF document. **

District iPass User Training Series

The District iPass User Training Webinar Series offers district-wide training targeted at specific job types and responsibilities for both new users and to provide current users with a refresher of iPass features and functionality.

Each training session consists of a 3-hour pre-recorded training session and a live 1-hour district Q & A follow-up session. Districts will receive the link to the pre-recorded webinar that can be shared with unlimited staff and referenced through the school year. The Q&A session will be scheduled after users have viewed the webinar.

Contact Laura Patton at lpatton@harriscomputer.com for more information.


(Target Users)

Topics Covered

Training Session


    Live Q&A      Session 

(To be scheduled)     


Promotional      District           Price            

Administrative Assistants Administrative AssistantsBiographical System, Attendance System, Grading System, Report Cards, Competencies, Reports, iParent/iStudent, Publishing Dashboard     3 Hours    

     1 Hour       

$740 $500
Gradebook Support Staff & Lead Teachers Gradebook, iTeacher, Grading, Competencies, Report Cards, Progress Reports, iParent/iStudent      3 Hours     

         1 Hour       

$740 $500
Discipline Staff Overview of Discipline System, Discipline Records, Reports, Data Requirements for SSDR State Reporting       3 Hours                1 Hour        $740 $500
Human Resources Staff iStaff Best Practices, Career records, Compensation, Attendance, Time Rollover, EPIMS Requirements, Contracts       3 Hours                1 Hour        $740 $500
Scheduling Staff Scheduling Students, Drop/Add, Transfer Grades, Course Catalog Maintenance, Printing Schedules       3 Hours                1 Hour        $740 $500
Guidance Staff Overview of Scheduling System, Grading System, Transcripts, GPA, Honor Roll       3 Hours                1 Hour        $740 $500
School Administrators iPass Overview, Discipline, Grading & Report Cards, Transcripts, GPA, Honor Roll, Scheduling, Dashboard Views, Data & Reporting, iParent/iStudent, Publishing Dashboard       3 Hours                1 Hour        $740 $500
Sessions Topics Covered

Training Sessions


Live District    Q&A Session 

 (To be scheduled) 

Value Promotional      District           Price                  
Training Series Bundle

7 Training Sessions for:

Administrative Assistants, Gradebook Support Staff & Lead Teachers, Discipline Staff, Human Resources Staff, Scheduling Staff, Guideance Staff, School Administrators

   21 Hours             7 Hours         $5,180 $3,000

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