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document Recommendation to Disable SIF Processors during scheduling for next school year.
When scheduling for the next school year, remember to disable SIF Integration when running the Master Schedule Builder or Student Scheduler to...
14 May, 2015
document The March SIF SIMS Submission is now open on the DESE Security Portal, why do I have errors of “101510 - Days in Membership=0 is Invalid” and “101491 – SPED students must have other SPED data elements” for all of my students?
When the DESE re-opens the portal for a new submission you may need to restart your SIF Processors. If the SIF processors are not running,...
22 Jan, 2019
document What is causing the SIF EPIMS Error of EPIMS4001: Record reported more than once in SR file?
Check the staff member Career Record to see if there are multiple active Careers with Main Job = Yes. If there are multiple records the staff...
20 Oct, 2017
document Why am I getting an EPIMS validation error for too many teachers assigned to a course when only one is scheduled?
If the Course Section Schedule screen shows only one teacher, click on “Add Dates” below the Select Teacher(s) box to see if any...
19 Sep, 2018
document Why is there an X in the Offense Type 1 (OT1) field and Disciplinary Action Taken (DAT) field in the SSDR transmission download file?
The Incident codes selected in iPASS are not mapped to a SIF code. The Incident codes selected in the Behavior Record must be mapped to a...
05 Jun, 2018

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