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document We are trying to update our Rooms at our schools and are having issues with update and creating new rooms. When I create a new room I don't see it listed in my room catalog. What am I doing wrong?
When modifying or adding rooms, you must have the school you are dealing with as your default school. Any changes you make and submit while having...
19 Jul, 2010
document We use Microsoft Office 365 Outlook email, what do users have to set up to email from iPASS? (ie. Email Class, email individual parents or students)?
The iPASS user must enter their email Username (email address) and email Password into their My Data > My Preferences > Email Settings....
28 Apr, 2016
document What are the recommended steps to follow before graduating the seniors from iPASS?
There are several things that have to be done prior to graduating the seniors and before reporting EOY SIMS and SCS: Confirm all seniors...
07 Jun, 2018
document What date do I use to graduate seniors?
Any date on or before the last day of school. Many districts will use the actual date of the graduation ceremony. This date will print on the...
03 Jun, 2015
document What do I do with students that are not returning for the new school year?
These students are referred to as “summer transfers” and must have a Withdrawal record added. Identify these students. Remove any...
20 Aug, 2015
document What settings should I use to Mass Enroll students that are new to our district this year?
The Mass Enroll program will allow you to enroll one or more students with the same enrollment codes. You do not use the Copy option for...
20 Aug, 2015
document What settings should I use to Mass Enroll/Re-Enroll students that were enrolled the previous year?
The Mass Enroll program will allow you to enroll one or more students. Go to Biographical System > Mass Enroll. You can copy...
20 Aug, 2015
document Why does the Attendance screen only give me current year as an option?
Some districts may notice when they get to the month of January, the Year selection field on the Enter Period Attendance and Enter Daily...
11 Jan, 2018
document Will the Student Alerts remain active for the new school year?
You need to review the expiration dates and re-set those which should remain active or set to expired those students who have left the district....
20 Aug, 2015

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