This is what they are saying!


“It was the end of our first trimester grading period and one of our teachers needed to take emergency leave to attend to a family medical issue in Florida.  The teacher used a laptop computer, connected to the internet, and entered the needed grades into our database.  This resulted in no delays in the grade entry or verification process.”

Tery Dun
Director of Technology
Franklin County Regional Technical School District


“It’s IMG’s people and their philosophy on providing outstanding customer service that sets them far apart from their competitors.”

Peter Balducci
Director of Technology
North Middlesex Regional School District


“Knowing my child’s homework and assignment scores in advance, has allowed me and my husband to actively participate in her progress”

Mrs. Paula Leporati


“Thank you so much! SIMS is done. What took 2 months and much grief last year (with our previous SIS) took less than 24 hours this year. This is because of the iPASS software …, and your additional insider view of DOE thinking! I cannot stop telling people how much we love your software and your team.”

Linda DiVittorio
Director of Technology
Chatham Public Schools


iPASS, student and DOE information at your fingertips. I love it! And, you can work from home.

Frank Kowalski
Salem High School


iPass never ceases to amaze me.  When I was giving a presentation with computer/view projector at a staff meeting, a staff member showed me, us, a new great feature.  In grading, one can put a grade in the box just to the right of "Name" and under "Term 1", type "enter" and that grade will fill in.  TREMENDOUS!!! The smallest things make us teachers happy.  Great upgrade.  Thank you.

Zoe Haskell
Winthrop Middle School


“I just met with a teacher and I thought I'd pass along what he said to me: 'Basically I was afraid of iPass (iteacher) at the start but now I love it, I love it, it saves me hours upon hours of work. I don't even know where my calculator is any more.'

Linda Henderson
Technology Support
Hopkinton Public Schools


“I am the person in charge of iPass for Westford …(we) went with iPass because it was a company located in the state of MA and seemed responsive to the fluctuations of the DOE reporting

We signed the contract in May 2006 - for our August opening, we had converted our high school (1550 students) schedule into iPass; scheduled two middle schools using iPass software (700 students each) and we had all schools (we have ten schools, 5400+ students) using iPass on the first day of school for attendance. All teachers grade 6 through 12 started using iPass as a teacher rankbook on the first day of school. All report cards and progress reports for all schools, K-12 were converted successfully into iPass by the iPass folks. Our high school transcript, after much work, was successfully converted into iPass.  All elementary schools did their first term, standards based report cards in iPass for the first term report card grading in November.  We successfully completed our DOE state report within iPass this past October.  Our nurses use the iHealth module for recording health information. We are currently a school using the monthly state health activity report and receiving a grant for that information.

So, I would say, we gave the iPass folks a run for their money right off the bat. Was it seamless - with this much transition in such a short time, there were a few bumps along the way, but nothing that would prevent us from accomplishing business as usual. Our report cards went out on time and our transcripts are being sent to colleges.  I have to say the people at iPass really worked very hard to help us get school open and use their product in all the ways we were demanding.  I have my doubts that another company could have pulled it off.  If you need further information, please don't hesitate to call - we did a very long search before we made our final decision.”

Lucy Smith
Director SIS/Admin Technology
Westford Public Schools


“We are quite happy with the product, their training and especially their support.

I'm glad we chose iPASS and it has been well received by all the school and administrative users. All of our teacher (~300) are using it also for online attendance.

Course Scheduling has been much easier and less complex.  The DOE 52 interface is very good also.

Their whole support staff has been excellent.

I'd recommend the product and the company highly.”

William J Drury
(Former) Information Technology Director
Norwood Public Schools


“We went through a similar search in our district last year.  iPass when bundled with the optional iFips and iStaff packages from IMG software are exactly what you are looking for.”

Timothy J. Kane
Information Technology Director
Rockport Public Schools


“I hope this year will be as easy and as much fun as it was last year using iPass for the first time. I have never scheduled my school as fast as I did last spring!”

Paul Mangelinkx
Chatham High School