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Products Overview

iPass - Student Administration

iPass is a comprehensive, completely integrated, browser-based student administrative software solution that will transform any school or district into an educational gateway.

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iStaff - Human Resource Tracking

iStaff is designed to assist School Districts and Municipalities with the tracking of all Human Resource Information. The system stores: Biographical, Attendance/Leave, Emergency/Health, Position Tracking, Certification/Education, Re-Certification, Contractual & Salary.

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iFips - Accounting System

iFips is a comprehensive, completely integrated, browser-based fund accounting system designed specifically for use in schools and municipalities.

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iAutoAlert - Communications Portal

iAutoAlert Communications Portal is a flexible, purely web-based, outbound messaging platform that lives in the cloud and is embedded into your iPASS student information system. That's right, you can send automated calls (voice), email notifications, and/or SMS (text messages) directly from iPASS. Provide parents, staff and students (optionally) with prompt notifications regarding important communications, such as, school closings, delays, special events, attendance notifications and other important communications.

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