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iPass - Student Administration

iPASS is a comprehensive, completely integrated, browser-based student administrative software solution that will transform any school or school district(s) into an educational gateway. Opening new avenues of information and communication between Parents, Teachers, Students, Administrators, and the Community.

Core Components

  • Student Demographics
  • Attendance/Enrollment
  • Grades/Transcripts
  • Scheduling/Master Schedule Builder
  • Student & Staff ID Cards (barcode, smart cards, etc.)
  • Query/Report Builder
  • Discipline
  • College
  • Standardized Tests/Assessments
  • Transportation
  • User Fees
  • Individual Student Success Plan (ISSP)
  • Competencies/Standards-based Report Cards
  • DOE ManagerSecurity, Letters, Lockers, Alerts, Daily Bulletins and more

Featured Components

  • iHealth – Easily log student and staff visits to the Nurse’s Office (embedded not separate)
  • iTeacher – quick & easy on-line rankbook (embedded not separate)
  • iParent – securely & easily keeps Parents informed & involved in their child’s education
  • iPass ToGo – easily synchronize important student biographical and scheduling data to your hand held device


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