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iFips - Accounting System

iFips is a comprehensive, completely integrated, browser-based fund accounting system (purchase orders, payments, budgeting) designed specifically for use in schools and municipalities.  The inherent flexibility of iFips provides for a combined school/municipal implementation while allowing for separate charts of accounts that accommodate diverse funds, segments, and all GAAP coding.

Requisition/Purchase Order System

From anywhere, anytime, authorized users can create, modify, print requisitions and/or purchase orders.

  • Unlimited auto or manual numbering of PO’s and Req’s independent of each other
  • Requisitions can be electronically converted to a purchase order and numbered differently if desired
  • Hierarchical approval process for Department Heads, Supervisors and Business Managers
  • Real time verification of available budget balance upon entry of Purchase Orders or Requisitions
  • Automatic calculation of discounts amounts or percentages directly on each line of Purchase Order or Requisition
  • Purchase Order or Requisition can have multiple lines and items and multiple accounts charged on a single document
  • Definable security access to accounts down to single segment code or account number including variable dollar limit on spending by user

Payment Processing System

Fully integrated with the Purchase Order System allowing for fast processing by recalling the Purchase Order associated with that vendor and allowing for partial, full or additional payment against that Purchase Order.

  • Direct payments can also be processed within the same procedure in the event there are no associated Purchase Orders to be processed.
  • Payments can be processed for an entire Purchase Order or any portion or line thereon
  • Payment process can be accomplished as a direct payment with no purchase order associated with it
  • Automatic notification of pending credit memos available for the vendor being paid or a credit memo can be directly entered as a line on the invoice being paid
  • Payments can be applied that are more, less, or equal the PO amount with full or partial or skip liquidation of the PO
  • Schedule of payments for a pending warrant or for future warrants.  All standard fixed payments for any given fiscal period can be scheduled in advance with a future post date so as not to affect the balance until the date of payment
  • Provides for customized warrants with authorization pages, sub-totals, and summary pages optional

Budgetary Fund Accounting

  • Fully compatible with all account coding requirements (GAAP)
  • Double entry encumbrance system
  • Provides journals for Appropriations, Accounts Payable, General and Revenue Ledgers
  • Electronic tracking and hierarchical approval process prior to posting of Purchase Orders or Requisitions
  • Account structure, segment titles, General Ledger links are completely user defined
  • Browser-based look-up and print features
  • Flexible fund definitions for appropriations, grants, projects and revolving accounts
  • Flexible search, sort, select and paging features within the built-in report writer.

Budget Development System

Provides a means for taking a snapshot of your current data and your historic data to use as a basis of comparison, thereby providing a development tool that compares new requests with historic data to completely develop the next fiscal budget.

  • Take a snapshot of current appropriations activity at anytime during the fiscal year
  • Forward up to two years of actual historical data for comparison
  • User defined budget development reports and data column headings
  • Make group and/or blanket level changes as requested or for comparison purposes
  • Performs arithmetic calculations on selected fields and “what if” calculations by adding a constant to any predefined budget fields
  • Automatically create spreadsheet dump files of budget preparation information for enhanced presentation


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