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IT Professionals

All products are 100% browser-based supporting current versions of IE (Internet Explorer) and Firefox browsers. The data and application files all live on a single server with-in a school district's secured network or hosted in our data center. This reduces overall support as well as cost of ownership. This means that from anywhere, anytime, Parents, Students, Administrators, and IT Staff can securely access their information in real-time. There is never a need to disrupt a teacher's workflow to maintain a separate grade book, or waste the time of your IT Staff administering servers and computers in each school, performing batch updates and/or other data synchronization methods, with iPASS everything is done in real-time.

iMG software has been built on Progress Software Corporations' enterprise level fourth generation relational database architecture. It is a SQL and ODBC compliant database, offering support for hundreds to thousands of concurrent users.

iMG's solutions offer platform independence and flexible deployment options, with inherent support for Microsoft Server 2003, Linux, Solaris and Unix operating environments, as well as support for Microsoft IIS, and Apache web server platforms. An ideal iPASS hardware configuration consists of two servers; a database server located behind a districts secure network configured to only communicate with a separate web server located within a school districts DMZ, and running SSL (secure sockets layer) for all web server to client communications.

iPASS's architecture also includes inherent support for wireless devices or external systems system that use standard internet technologies such as HTTP, HTML, and XML to communicate with the iPASS Application Server. It is this native simple, open architecture that creates easier, inexpensive access and collaboration for future compliance with SIF (Student Interoperobility Frameworks).

  • iPASS is 100% browser-based, from anywhere, anytime, IT staff can add users, manage application level security, or access the school calendar and close school due to bad weather
  • Reduces overall support as well as cost of ownership – If a computer can operate Internet Explorer, Firefox, or one of the supported browsers, it can run iPASS
  • Reports can be created and saved in many formats; including, Microsoft Word, Excel, RTF, and HTML for instant web publishing
  • iPASS’s application environment can be used as you entire intranet/extranet and web presence
  • Create your own fields, html, and java script pages
  • A centralized fileserver can support anything from a single school building to a district of any size, from one user to thousands of users


  • From anywhere, anytime, Students can access their information in real time. Options are defined and controlled by administration.
  • Students can view Homework assignments and easily see missed assignments
  • Students can view their  period-by-period attendance, progress charts showing class assignments, quiz and test scores
  • Students can quickly and easily email teachers
  • All options are defined and controlled by administration.


  • From anywhere, anytime, Teachers can access their class information in real time. Enter homework assignments (automatic copy feature for multiple sections); easily enter term grades and track class absences for an entire class at once
  • Teachers can customize their own integrated grade book for their courses, define assignments with unique weighting, easily record assignment scores, and automatically calculate class average, mean, high and low results
  • Teachers can quickly and easily email to Parents their child's Progress report, at anytime during the term
  • There is no need to disrupt a Teacher's workflow to bubble scan sheets, or maintain a separate grade book from the school's administrative software, just enter the data once, from school or home, using a PC or a MAC
  • Teachers can maintain their Professional Development Plan. Search and sign-up for courses on-line
  • Teachers can update certain fields as defined and controlled by administration.


  • Parents, and other Administrators.
  • From anywhere, anytime, secure instant access to real-time information.
  • Data driven decisions based one completely integrated and centralized system
  • Run & Save Master Schedule Builder run using “what if” scenarios


  • From anywhere, anytime, Parents can access their child's information in real time. Homework assignments, period-by-period attendance, progress charts showing class assignments, quiz and test scores
  • Direct email communication with teachers and administrators
  • Parents can personalize the system to receive instant email notifications of homework assignments or class projects that are due, as well as discipline, and attendance alerts (coming soon)
  • View the on-line calendar, check the lunch menu, sports and activities, and other school-wide and community events
  • Surf teacher and school suggested links, communicate your ideas and suggestions, and actively participate in your child's education
  • Parents can update certain fields as defined and controlled by administration.


  • Quick entry and reporting of daily student and/or staff visits
  • Quick entry and reporting of immunization records
  • Tracking and Graphing BMI results
  • Automate dispensing of daily meds
  • View Attendance, schedules, and alerts (medical and non-medical)