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NEW!! IMPORTANT LINKS TO eSupport, Support email and Telephone Support

01 Nov, 2014

As of November 1, 2014, iPass has moved to a new customer support system, eSupport. Please review the following information carefully to successfully obtain customer support.

Preferred method of support:

Click here to access the online eSupport site at http://support.harriscomputer.com.  Using the online support system allows our support department to see your call immediately and allows for the quickest turnaround time. 

Click here for Guidelines on how to enter an eSupport ticket.

Enter a support call:

email your question along with any pertinent information to support@harriscomputer.com.  Harris call center personnel will take your email information and log a call on your behalf.  The turnaround time using this email method is a little slower than logging the call yourself using  our online eSupport system.  

Call the Support Line directly:

Dial 1-866-450-6696 toll-free number and choose option 1.  Harris call center personnel will take down your information and log the call on your behalf.  If you use this method, please be sure to mention the product name, iPASS, so the call will be directed to our iPASS support staff.  

Click  here to access Harris School Solutions iPass site: