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Patch Release Notes - 7.0.20170405_sync

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Last updated: 06 Apr, 2017
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The 7.0.20170405_sync patch release included the following corrections related to the CRDC data setup and export:

  • CRDC LEA and SCHOOL Files now have all Headers in the correct position and labeled correctly to stop the Header errors when the file was uploaded.  
  • All fields that had incorrect calculations or were missing numbers for items/students in counts have been fixed. 
  • All CRDC Data Setup v2 mapping screens have been adjusted to show the correct headers, unneeded fields were removed, and missing fields have been added.
  • LEA_ENR field was replaced with LEA_ENR_NONLEAFAC which was field #25 and the fields after #25 were moved into position to accommodate the adjustment.
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